SuppoRTT Events and Training

Please see below the Calendar of Events and Training HEE are providing for the Supported Return to Training porogramme. If you wish to register for one of these workshops please select the title. There is an overvew of each training sessions for more information located below, if you require any further information please email us at







10/01 Resilience

07/02 Resilience

07/03 Resilience

04/04 Resilience


21/01 Acute Return to work Sim        

24/01 Human Factors

13/02 Human Factors 

08/03 Human Factors



30/01 Human Factors  14/02 Acute Return to Work Sim

21/03 Acute Return to Work Sim 

    25/03 Acute Return to Work Sim    
    26/03 Human Factors    


Please note: we are co-ordinating a targeted approach to some training sessions and you may not be able to book.


Human Factors:
Human Factors is a scientific discipline focussing on how people interact with systems in their work.
This course will provide an understanding of why people and teams behave the way they do, and how structured communication tools can aid with improving team performance, raising concerns and catching mistakes before they lead to harm.

Building the capacity to manage risks of stress and bringing positive changes to individuals, feeling more capable to cope and feeling stronger. Including skills to overcome challenges and building personal strength. 

Acute return to work SIM:
Specialty targeted SIM courses in small group sessions, focusing on improving confidence and Human Factors, Clinical Updates, and practical skill sessions.