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Training and Events Calendar 2019/2020

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To attend these courses you MUST be a Trainee in the West  Midlands with a HEE WM Training number.

The courses are free to attend.

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Human Factors

Paediatric Return to Work SIM

Paediatric Return to Work SIM






Educator Upskilling

Self awareness and Wellbeing







Self Awareness and Wellbeing

Acute Return to Work SIM






Cognitive Simulation for Educators (Surgery O&G Anaesthetics) 

Human Factors


O&G Return to Work day






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Acute return to work SIM
Specialty targeted SIM courses in small group sessions, focusing on improving confidence and Human Factors, Clinical Updates, and practical skill sessions.

What is assertiveness and why is it important
Understanding the link between mindset and behaviour
Non verbal patterns of communication
Demonstartion of assertive behaviour

Cognitive Simulation
The day will cover evidence based cognitive techniques helpful for trainees  to improve  surgical skills and shorten learning curve. A special focus will be placed on how to refresh surgical skills needed while resuming work after a period of gap from clinical duties. There will be an opportunity for trainees to discuss their individual situations and requirements independently and to seek advice to reduce the work stress.

Commmunicating Effectively
Importance of clear communication, what causes this to faail
Understanding of Internal values and how they drive behaviour
Learning how to predict and communicate with other personality types
Emotional Intelligence and strategies to increase it

Constructive Conversations
Causes of conflict, 2 types of conflict and their purpose
Setting clear groundrules for constructive conversations
Reframing negative or opposing points of view
Peer Coaching

Educator Upskilling

Supporting Educators to improve skills to support all trainees to safelt and confidently return to training after a period of absence.

Human Factors:
Human Factors is a scientific discipline focussing on how people interact with systems in their work.
This course will provide an understanding of why people and teams behave the way they do, and how structured communication tools can aid with improving team performance, raising concerns and catching mistakes before they lead to harm.

Human Factors for Educators: Part 1

Human Factors for Educators: Part 2

Positive Impact
Developing a strong personal brand nd making a good first impression
Tailoring content to communication styles
Planning and setting boundaries
Undertsnading the effect of body language on mindset and emotional state

Rapport Building
Defining what effective negotiatiation is and why it is important
Effective questioning and listening techniques
Objection handling
Gaining agreement and negotiating next steps

Self awareness and Wellbeing
Enable Trainees to increase their ability and confidence when returning to practice, and equip with the skills and strategies to help cope with stress in the workplace.
Raising individual awareness around their own emotions and associated behaviours to provide them with strategies to manage them and developing a better understanding of work/life balance.