Clinical & Educational Supervision

Clinical supervision is delivered by your trainer, who must be a substantive consultant forensic psychiatrist.  While some clinical supervision may be delegated to others, it is essential that the trainee knows who is providing clinical supervision at all times.

The designated trainer must provide:

  • A fixed one-hour per week meeting, focussed on the trainee's personal learning and development needs.  The trainee should keep a record of supervision sessions and the issues discussed.
  • Additional ad-hoc clinical supervision as required, appropriate to the needs of the individual trainee

Your clinical supervisor will also provide regular reviews of your progress and complete trainer reports for your ARCP.  You should ensure that your trainer completes a trainer report before you leave each placement, including if your ARCP is not due for some time.

Your trainer will also provide some aspects of educational supervision, which will be supplemented by the training programme director, who will meet with you individually at least 3 times a year.