GDC Requirements


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Dentists and Dental Care Professionals

Key Facts

  • All dentists must complete 250 hours of CPD every five years to remain on the Dentists Register, 75 of these hours must be verifiable CPD

  • Since 1 August 2008, all DCPs are required to complete and record 150 hours of CPD every five years, 50 of these hours must be verifiable CPD

  • There are recommended CPD core subjects for dentists and DCPs:

    • Medical emergencies

    • Disinfection and decontamination

    • Radiography and radiation protection (see exception for dental technicians below).

  • You must maintain records of the number of the hours you spend completing CPD and keep documentary proof of verifiable CPD. In addition you must submit an annual statement of the CPD hours you complete every year.

  • The GDC monitors compliance with the requirements by auditing the records of a sample of dentists and dental care professionals at the end of each five-year cycle. Registrants who fail to comply with the requirements face erasure from the GDC’s registers.


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