Appraisal Documents for use within General Dental Practice

NHS Health Education West Midlands Postgraduate Dental Team

Appraisal Documents for use within General Dental Practice

These document have been produced to assist General Dental Practices develop their Practice Appraisal Process.  They will also help team members work towards meeting future General Dental Council  CPD/Revalidation requirements

These documents are examples only and maybe modified to suit your practice needs.   

There are 4 sections that are used for the appraisal:

1.     Personal Details

2.     Current Activities

  1. Preparation for Appraisal  (there is an option of completing either the FULL VERSION or the SUMMARY VERSION of this section

4.     Record of Appraisal & Personal Development Plan


Appraisal training sessions developed around this paperwork will be delivered periodically in various centres within the region.

Guidance Notes

Appraisal Documents for Dentists, Therapists & Hygienists

Appraisal Documents for Nurses, Receptionists & Practice Managers

Peer Group Toolkit


Health Education England - West Midlands has developed a Peer Group Toolkit.


The Toolkit includes guidance notes and templates to assist Dental Professionals in setting up their own Peer Groups.



What is a Peer Group?


·         informal study group providing an opportunity to meet up with your

·         peers to discuss and review aspects of your working practice

·         allows sharing of knowledge and experiences between colleagues

·         identifies areas for change to improve quality and service to   patients

·         a stimulus for individual learning


 To access the Peer Group Toolkit - please click here