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Healthcare Leadership Model

The Healthcare Leadership Model has been developed to help staff who work in health and care to become better leaders. It is useful for everyone – whether you have formal leadership responsibility or not, if you work in a clinical or other service setting, and if you work with a team of five people or 5,000. It describes the things you can see leaders doing at work, and is organised in a way that helps everyone to see how they can develop as a leader. It applies equally to the whole variety of roles and care settings that exist within health and care.

Please click here for a summary of the nine behavioural dimensions. Find out more at www.leadershipacademy.nhs.uk/leadershipmodel  

Healthcare leadership model - Self assessment tool

Leadership is for everyone: take the leadership challenge with the new Self Assessment Tool

A Self Assessment Tool, linked to the Clinical Leadership Competency Framework (CLCF), is now available for anyone in health and care services who would like to review - quickly, easily and free of charge – their leadership skills.The Self Assessment Tool can be downloaded here:
http://nhsleadershipframework.rightmanagement.co.uk/tracked/assets/x/50172As well as being able to complete the tool themselves, individuals may wish to involve their line manager and/or peers to help them to identify areas for possible development.Having done this, the online Leadership Development Module provides guidance and information on how to develop your leadership capability: http://www.nhsleadershipframework.rightmanagement.co.uk/development-guideThe Self Assessment Tool is based on the to the CLCF, which is designed to ensure that all clinicians can have the leadership knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to improve health and care and sits at the heart of the Leadership Framework which was launched by the Secretary of State for Health on June 29th.The Leadership Framework incorporates the CLCF and the Medical Leadership Competency Framework (MLCF) which apply to clinicians and doctors (respectively) at all stages of their professional journey – from the time they enter formal training, become qualified as a practitioner and throughout their continuing professional development as experienced practitioners.It has been developed with the input of all the professional bodies and has the support of the chief professions’ officers, the professions’ advisory boards, education bodies and the Department of Health.