Acute Medicie - by Dr Paarul Prinja

Acute Medicine

By Dr Paarul Prinja, ST7 AIM & GIM and STC Trainee Rep HEEWM

Very early in my medical career, I realised that diagnosing and managing sick medical patients was what I enjoyed, but the first four hours was not enough for me.  Acute Internal Medicine (AIM) proved to be the perfect fit for me.  Trainees and Consultants spend time in Ambulatory care, Medical HDUs, review clinics and spend time pursuing a special interest.   This variety in presentations and intensity of work means that after almost five years as a trainee, I still love my job!  

Throughout my training, I have completed speciality blocks in Cardiology, Intensive care, Respiratory medicine and Elderly care. I also took time out of programme to gain competencies in Anaesthesia, which allowed me to take forward my special skill of Intensive care medicine and Echocardiography.  However, we are all different and my fellow registrars have different interests - which makes for a varied and dynamic group of physicians who all bring different skills and abilities to a department.  As AIM trainees in the West Midlands - we are blessed with supportive training programme directors (TPDs).  As a trainee rep for AIM, with their support, we have made improvements to our training days, placements and as a group of trainees we have set up a research collaborative.  In our first 18 months, we have presented our work at both national and international conferences.  

A career in AIM allows you as a physician to offer holistic care at the front door, as well as allowing you to be at the forefront of the development and improvement of patient care, healthcare services and training.

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