The Educator Role in SuppoRTT is to discuss with the Trainee how they can be supported when planning their leave and return, reviewing returns and applying for funding. At HEE we are reliant on the experience and knowledge of Educators to partake in, and approve each bespoke plan discussion with trainees what is available to best support their return.

We are currently in the process of procuring workshops to equip Educational Supervisors, College Tutors, Training Program Directors, GP Area Directors and Heads of Schools with Skills and Strategies to best support trainees who are returning to clinical practice following a period of absence. This will involve key attributes such as: Self-Awareness, Managing Trainees, Giving and Receiving feedback, Having courageous conversations, Mentoring and Coaching. 



Educators can find all training provided by HEE on this page.


SuppoRTT Discussions

SuppoRTT Payment Process


Form 4 - Finance request form

  • Form 4's will need to be approved by a College Tutor or TPD

  • Claims for bespoke training/courses that have been approved are retrospective so Trainees will need to provide evidence of payment, attendance and a copy of the Form 4 approved.

  • If you are happy the Trainee has provided all that is required and the form has been approved, they can be reimbursed.

  • Please log all payments on a Finance Template and send them to SuppoRTT.wm@hee.nhs and HEE will reimburse this through the LDA quarterly.

  • If Supernumerary payment is being requested, HEE will require a breakdown of the Trainees salary

Expenses allowances

Allowances in relation to mileage etc. will need to be in alignment with the individuals Trust Employment Policy.

LDA Cut off dates:

June 2019 - 

September 2019 - 

Decemeber 2019 -

March 2020 -