Windmills Career Management


The Windmills workshops will introduce you to the concept of careers management and provide you with practical skills to help you plan your career. These are very popular workshops which are always highly evaluated by the foundation trainees.

What's involved?

A Windmills workshop will give you the time to step away from your busy clinical activities and assess where you are now, what sort of work and life you want and how you can start working towards your vision.

Because we believe that learning to manage your career is a vital skill for doctors, these workshops are a mandatory part of the training programme for West Midlands Foundation trainees. Therefore you will not be able to progress to foundation year 2 unless you have attended one. Workshops will be delivered on a full-day or a half-day basis. You can access the Windmills workshops locally, through your Medical Careers Advisor. Additional workshops will be laid on throughout the year.

Windmills workshops will provide you with generic information. If you require a more in-depth discussion on your individual requirements of individual guidance, please contact your Medical Careers Advisor.

Who is it for?

Every foundation year one trainee should attend a Windmill's career management training workshop. Each foundation school is putting on a series of workshops for their trainees.

These are delivered in-house by medical careers advisers who are consultants or GPs.  There will be a mix of half day and full day workshops and details can be obtained locally.


How do I enroll?

To reserve your place on a Windmills Career Management workshop please visit the Career Management Upcoming Events calendar.


Course Handouts

Documents will be provided on the day.