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Individuals at any stage in a career in medicine, from the contemplative stage right through to experienced doctors, need assistance with career reflection, evaluation and development. This website aims to provide useful information, resources and exercises to help you to make career decisions and to assess those you have already made no matter what stage of your medical career you are at. Many career resources are available, however they are not always easy to find and/or access. This website provides free career signposting, resources and information with national appeal. Any area specific information is highlighted as such.

We are very grateful for the hard work and kind input from and many individuals involved in medical career support nationally. Individuals and organisations who have contributed their work and ideas have been acknowledged appropriately throughout this site.


You may find a variety of similar resources under some headings. This is not pointless repetition but an indication that one size does not fit all. So if you do not like the style of one try another to see if it suits.

The West Midlands Workforce Deanery cannot be held responsible for the material contained within other websites nor can it be held responsible for your success and/or destiny. All the resources, information and support contained within this site is intended as a guide and "food for thought" only. You are responsible for determining the uses, validity and strength of the resources provided.


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