Touch Surgery App for iOS

Touch Surgery was developed by 4 surgeons and improves surgical training using Cognitive Task Simulation. 
Each operation is broken down into fundamental steps and decision-points. The Touch Surgery Simulator teaches you every step and decision and allows you to test yourself.

Our content is developed in collaboration with leading surgeons and surgical institutions worldwide to ensure accuracy and surgical validity.


◆State-of-the-art 3D engine to create the most realistic environments
◆Suitable for trainees and experienced surgeons to learn, practice and rehearse surgery at their convenience before operating on a live patient
◆Learn operations in a step-by-step fashion, then test yourself with an "unsupervised" operation.
◆Use your personalised performance data that validates your knowledge and gives you feedback about your learning curve
◆Build your own library of operations over time.

"…with an effortless swipe of the finger, you slice open the patient's skin. A gentle pinch and the flesh is prised apart to reveal layers of tissue. Another swipe and a pair of scissors descends into view and begins to cut into the muscle. A few more swipes, taps and pinches and, hey presto, you've removed an appendix..." The Guardian

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Radiopaedia App for iOS

The Radiopaedia app is the most beautiful and intuitive way to explore high quality medical imaging material anytime, anywhere.

• Universal: one app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
• Beautiful graphics and high resolution medical imaging. Scrollable multi-image stacks never looked so good.
• Works offline. Study on the go.
• Designed to walk you through a case as if you were in a real clinical setting. Perfect for those preparing for board exams!
• Additional case packs are available, free and via in-app purchase.
• Includes articles from Radiopaedia's radiology encyclopaedia, one of the largest medical encyclopaedias on the web.

Designed for all health professionals, with an emphasis on radiologists and radiology trainees, Radiopaedia is excited to offer the next generation in mobile radiology apps. This all new app replaces the existing Radiopaedia Radiology Teaching files, and has been completely redesigned to make the experience better than ever before. 

This app allows you to view hundreds of radiology cases on your device, without having to be connected to the internet. Packs of cases can be downloaded covering a wide range of topics, with additional packs being written. Each pack contains 10-30 cases with high quality images (many of them scrollable multi-image stacks), quiz questions & answers and links to articles about both correct and differential diagnoses. Free packs are available as well as paid packs which help support the continuing improvement of the website (these sales help us maintain as a high quality radiology resource for free, forever).

The composition of packs vary and are geared towards different audiences. Health professionals at every level can benefit:
• practicing radiologist 
radiology trainees (residents / registrars) preparing for board exams
• junior radiology trainees just starting out
• medical students 
• non-radiology health professionals

All the articles of topics covered can then be browsed alphabetically or filtered by system and are an excellent portable reference. 


As the leading and fastest growing collaborative radiology resource, is interested sharing your knowledge and experience and welcomes your input. 

If you would like to know more about becoming involved in, or the teaching files presented here, please contact us at 

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E-logbook apps for iOS and Android

ELogbook - for Android

ELogbook - screenshot thumbnailELogbook - screenshot thumbnail

ELogbook for Android is a logbook for surgeons which can syncronise operations you enter with the Royal College of Surgeons elogbook (

Features include the ability to add operations offline to be synchronised later, and to browse existing operations. All patient identifiable data is encrypted on the phone, and access to the app is restricted by a PIN.

Currently there is support for the speciality fields in General surgery, Vascular surgery, Orthopaedics, Urology, Max Fax and Cardiac Surgery. Paediatric surgery, Otolaryngology, and Neurosurgery support is expected soon.

This app is currently in a relatively early stage of development. Once it has stabilised a subscription may be introduced for some features, but currently it is free.

Mobile eLogbook - for Android and iOS

Mobile eLogbook - screenshot thumbnailMobile eLogbook - screenshot thumbnailMobile eLogbook - screenshot thumbnailMobile eLogbook - screenshot thumbnail

******* From the developers of the successful Mobile eLogbook iPhone app*******

Mobile eLogbook has been designed in co-operation with the FHI Pan-Surgical Electronic Logbook to facilitate completion of your logbook.

Once you have entered your login credentials, the app will synchronise with the individual account. All operation and hospital codes, your favourite procedures, consultants and hospitals will be retrieved for use with the app to record all the necessary information in a format that will be instantly recognisable from the webpages.

Offline data entry

You do not require a Wi-Fi or 3G connection to enter data in to the app. Ideal for environments with poor network signals. A Wi-Fi/3G connection is only required at the time of upload.

Upload functionality

The Mobile eLogbook app is only intended to allow uploading data to your elogbook account. This is deliberate to prevent the data protection issues that would occur from downloading patient data to a personal device.

In order to upload operations to the elogbook system you will need to subscribe to the upload functionality. When you initially successfully validate your elogbook username and password you will receive a free 28 day trial subscription. Once this expires you will need to purchase a subscription to continue to upload - this can be performed simply within the app. A purchased subscription is valid for one year and costs £4.99. Please see the FAQ page on our website for more details about this.

Once procedures have been successfully uploaded, they will be deleted from the app. No patient identifiable information will be retained on your device. We recommend uploading data immediately or as soon as a network 3G/Wi-Fi signal is available. If upload is interrupted due to signal loss for example, data not yet uploaded will be retained until a successful upload is achieved.

Supported specialities

The following specialties are currently supported, including specialty specific fields, e.g. laparoscopic, 30 day mortality, sub-division of roles within procedures etc

Cardiothoracic Surgery
General Surgery
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Paediatric Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery

Operation and hospital codes

Upon first use, the app will automatically download all operation and hospital codes from the website. As the evolves, changes will be available automatically. Simply “Check for data updates” from within the app settings.

Favourites and search

The app will automatically download your favourite operations, hospital and consultants. You can also search through the full lists of operations and hospitals. Only consultants listed within your account will be downloaded. Any changes to favourites must be performed using the college website. They will then be available to download within the app settings.

Simplifying data recording

The following features are available to simplify data entry:

- "Save and add another for same patient" when entering a record
- Duplication of an existing record (a long press on an existing record in the main view)
- Age entry via either age or date of birth
- Default hospital
- Default consultant
- Default country
- Default operation date (today or last used)

Security and encryption

Mobile eLogbook is protected by an encrypted PIN

Data is uploaded to the servers over a secure HTTPS connection (the same encryption that is used when logging in to the website)