Study Leave Funding

Study leave has been red flagged on the last couple of surveys despite the provision the School makes for our trainees. The School Board are concerned about this. We have therefore decided the following from August 2012.

The Deanery fund £600 per trainee for study leave. In order to run our mandatory courses it is necessary to top-slice this funding. The School Board has agreed the following amounts will be top sliced:

ST1&2 £100 per year per trainee (leaving £500 to fund other mandatory courses)
ST3-5 £300 per year per trainee (leaving £300 to fund College Tutor approved courses)
ST6&7 £100 per year per trainee (leaving £500 to fund ATSM courses)

The following courses are mandatory for ST1&2 and will be reimbursed at the following amounts (irrespective of cost):

Basic Practical Skills Course £500
Perineal Repair £250
Ultrasound Theoretical Course £50
Ultrasound Simulation Sessions £100

We have made provision for these mandatory courses to be delivered within the West Midlands and very competitive prices and the principles that you attend these courses remains. Should you attend a more expensive course outside the Region you will only be reimbursed to the above maxima.

We hope these changes will improve our ratings on study leave and help support the senior trainees with expensive ATSM courses.