The ARCP provides a formal process that uses the evidence collected by the trainee, relating to their progress in the training programme. It is undertaken on at least an annual basis for all trainees in specialty training, and it will enable the trainee, the Postgraduate Dean and employers to document that the competences required are being gained at an appropriate rate and through appropriate experience. The process may be conducted more frequently if there is a need to deal with performance and progression issues outside the annual review. It is not in itself a means or tool of assessment.

The ARCP process is governed by the Gold Guide and is applicable to all specialty trainees, whether training full or less than full time, those in academic programmes and those out of programme.

All trainees should refer to the 2017/2018 training matrix when preparing for ARCP.

The West Midlands School of O&G holds two ARCP sessions each year, the main one in June and a smaller one in January.

The ARCP dates for 2017/2018 are: 

14th December 2017 - ARCP panel

11th January 2018 - face to face meetings



5th-7th June 2018 - ARCP panel

19th -21st June 2018 - face to face meetings