CMT Recruitment

Recruitment is undertaken according to the national recruitment programme for CMT. For more information on the recruitment process please see the CT1 Recruitment website.

2015 Recruitment Timetable
Round 1 - CT1 for August 2015 start

Adverts Thursday 6th November 2014  
Applications Open10am, Tuesday 11th November 2014 
Applications Close4pm, Thursday 4th December 2014
Interview Window Monday 12th January to Wednesday 11th March 2015
Initial Offers out By 5pm, Thursday 12th March 2015
Hold deadline 1pm, Thursday 19th March 2015 
Upgrade deadline 4pm, Thursday 26th March 2015 
Hierarchical deadline 4pm, Tuesday 31st March 2015 

The HEWM interview dates for 2015 are:

Tuesday 27th January 2015
Friday 30th January 2015
Tuesday 3rd February 2015
Tuesday 10th February 2015

For recruitment enquiries, please email