The West Midlands Training Programme

A Description of the Programme

  • Typically 5 years
  • Usually rotates every year – 5 stints during the training programme
  • Traditionally 2 university hospital stints and 3 DGH stints
  • University hospitals are – UHCW  Coventry, UHB Birmingham, UHNS Stoke on Trent
  • Though not a written rule, the rotation generally tends to be geographically scheduled: south, central or northern part of Midlands, with the above university hospitals being the base respectively
  • Change over in the first week of February
  • DGHs would usually provide experience on Diabetes and Thyroid disease; University Hospitals would provide more specialist experience
  • On an average about 4-7 trainees start each academic year    

Gain Valuable Experience

  • Being Endocrine on call
  • Supervising and performing dynamic endocrine tests in the Metabolic unit and interpreting them
  • Inpatient diabetes service (different models in different hospitals) and Think-Glucose
  • MDT meetings/ clinics – especially for pituitary/ neuroendocrine tumors/ thyroid cancers