Contact List


Acute Internal Medicine: Dr Vinay Reddy-Kolanu -

Core Medical Training: Gordon Wood - 

Cardiology: Dr Sarah Bowater - 

CIT and ID: Dr Andrew Woodhouse -

Clinical Genetics: Dr Joanne Jarvis – 

Clinical Neurophysiology: Dr Shereef Mytheen – 

Clinical Oncology: Dr Nawaz Walji –

Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics: Dr Una Martin – 

Dermatology: Dr Tracey Finch –

Endrocrinology & Diabetes: Dr Sailesh Sankar –

Gastroenterology: Dr Ian Gee –

General Internal Medicine: Dr Kanwaljit Sandhu – 

Genito-Urinary Medicine (GUM): Dr Sarah Barrett – 

Geriatric Medicine: Dr Robert Wears –

Haematology: Dr Joanne Ewing –

Medical Oncology: Dr Joyce Thompson – 

Neurology: Dr John Woolmore –

Occupational Medicine: Dr Alistair Robertson –

Palliative Medicine: Dr Fran Hakkak –

Rehabilitation Medicine: Dr Joy Chowdhury – 

Renal Medicine: Dr Lukas Foggensteiner –

Respiratory Medicine: Dr Koottalai Srinivasan – 

Rheumatology: Dr S Venkatachalam – 

Sports & Exercise Medicine - Dr K Gregory -


Other contacts

Andrea Alleyne, Recruitment Team –

Claire Pope, Faculty Support Team –

Programme Team –