Recruitment Process

The Scheme invites applications from public health teams, local government, primary care or any of the health and social care organisations including voluntary and third sectors who promote, protect, advocate for, develop and improve health with local communities and groups in the West Midlands.

Why should I join?

Sally James, Public Health Workforce Specialist for Health Education England in the West Midlands, said: "This scheme demonstrates our local commitment to robust professional development for the practitioner workforce and is of particular importance to practitioners who are taking significant responsibility in commissioning and providing public health programmes who do not have any professional registration.


"The scheme helps develop and enhance the skills and competencies of the public health and wider public health workforces,  recognising various career pathways and different entry points into public health and giving flexibility to move across employment sectors through the training and education opportunities provided."



Working with UKPHR processes and frameworks to provide support, guidance and quality assurance of assessment against the practitioner standards, this Scheme ensures locally accredited practitioners can apply to the UKPHR for national recognition.


Who should join?

• Practitioners
• Potential assessors
• Potential mentors
• Potential verifiers

How do I find out more?





The Scheme is now inviting new applicants. For further information, contact Sally James, Public Health Workforce Specialist on 0121 695 2481 or


Self Assessment form

Guidance for writing commentary

Line Manager information (Covering letter)

UKPHR Guidance for Applicants - Assessors and Verifiers April 2019

UKPHR’s Supporting Information


Writing a Reflective Learning Piece

Assessment Log

Updated 24 May 2019