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Annual leave 

The annual leave year runs from 1 April-31 March.

Medics: Specialist Registrars (old school medics) have their entitlements as per the "Guide to Specialist Registrar training" from 1998 - can be found at this link (see Public Health section) i.e. 25 days for points 1 and 2 on scale and then 30 days from point 3 upwards (+bank holidays)
Non-medics:  Your annual leave entitlement depends on the number of years you have worked for the NHS as follows:

For an annual leave form click here

 1- Entitlement for full-time staff

Details about Salary

Medics: Details can be found at

Non-Medics: Details of the Agenda for Change agreement for non-medical PH trainees is available at the following website:

-          Completion of Training form

-          OOP request form


Updated 23rd July 2020