Flexible Training

Public Health is a comparatively easy speciality in which to work part time. There are a number of administrative requirements that need to be met (all the stages and relevant forms are available on the website)

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The training scheme requires you to work at least 50% of full time hours, and normally not more than 80%. On-call commitments are also reduced, although they are capped at a lower rate than your actual pro-rata working hours, so increasing them will not increase your additional banding.

Placements need to be approved by:

  • Helen Goodyear, Associate Postgraduate Dean for LTFT Training
  • Rob Cooper, Training Programme Director
  • Training zone co-ordinator
  • Your Service trainer
  • HR
  • Annette Wood, LTFT lead for Public Health.

The paperwork can take a while so get started as soon as you start thinking you might be interested!

Process for approval of Less Than Full Time (LTFT) Training for Public Health Specialty Registrars

 Policy agreed: March 2013

Full policy with flow chart available HERE

Lead Trainee for LTFT Training

Each speciality has a Lead Trainee for LTFT Training. They should pass all relevant information on to all LTFT trainees as it becomes available, and they should attend the LTFT training board meetings twice a year.  Contact the Lead Trainee if you have any questions relating to LTFT training. 

The current Public Health Lead Trainee is Julie Northcott