Training in the West Midlands

Psychiatric services in the West Midlands offer a full range of experience and have a history of good standing with respect to quality assurance processes, particularly Royal College approval, which has been maintained for all placements.

The clinical experience is augmented by taught courses.  There are two existing and successful MRCPsych courses based at Keele and Birmingham for core year trainees.  Trainees in Advanced training have taken advantage of the programmes on offer by local universities, including Masters programmes in gerontology, geriatric psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, forensic psychiatry and general psychiatry.  In addition to strong and developing academic units of psychiatry at the three universities in the region that offer undergraduate training; namely Birmingham, Keele and Warwick, there are also departments at the University of Stafford, Birmingham City University, Wolverhampton and Worcester, all of which make a distinctive contribution to education for psychiatrists and other mental health professionals.  There are excellent opportunities for the development of a range of non-clinical competencies. In the recent past trainees have completed degree programmes in management and medical education, amongst others. 
The West Midlands School of Psychiatry will offer streams of about 50 trainees per annum in the core training grade.  There are close relationships with schools for general practice and the basic neuroscience training programme.

The West Midlands has a strong history of providing training for those seeking less than full-time training and this will continue to be a feature for the school, which will have an identified lead for such trainees.  The school has, built into its design, large elements of flexibility to allow family-friendly practice to flourish.