Is Geriatric Medicine the Career for me?

What Skills & Qualities are required?

Qualities needed in physicians considering a career in Geriatric Medicine:

  • Excellent clinical skills to allow the physician to take a full history, carry out a clinical examination, establish a differential diagnosis and formulate a management plan in a variety of clinical settings

  • Ability and desire to work as a team with other professionals

  • Compassionate understanding of the special needs of older people and their families

  • An interest in ageing and the interface between ageing and disease

  • Ability to identify principal problems resulting in deterioration in health of the individual

  • Ability to maintain an optimum outlook on the clinical outcome of patients in both acute and chronic care settings

  • Recognition that small gains in functional status can lead to major improvements in quality of life and well beings

  • Applicants for ST3 posts will need to demonstrate a genuine commitment to the specialty and a desire to work with older people and their families