What is Acute Internal Medicine?

Acute Internal Medicine (AIM) is a growing Medical Specailty. It is a hospital specialty dedicated to the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of adults with urgent medical needs.

The AIM Cirriculum
AIM has a relatively new curriculum (2009), this curriculum, in conjunction the 2009 General Internal Medicine curriculum allows trainees to achieve a  CCTs in General Internal Medicine and Acute Internal Medicine.

The new AIM curriculum defines the need to demonstrate maturation of the trainee's competencies through the duration of training. The trainee builds on these core competencies, as they acquire skills in the treatment and management of complex acute medical problems in the in-patient setting and also acquire advanced practical skills that are directly relevant to the practice of AIM.

Furthermore, the specific management, organisational and leadership competencies for the Acute Physician are defined, including the need to review patient pathways and to develop different management strategies for acute medical problems including the development and implementation of ambulatory care protocols.