Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)
The ARCP is the review of a trainee’s documented evidence of progress against their curriculum, resulting in a panel decision on the trainee’s further training.  
The ARCP panel will review the trainee’s progression against the ARCP Decision Aid. Each Specialty curriculum has an ARCP Decision Aid which can be accessed on the JRCPTB website. Trainees are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Decision Aid for their specialty (remember if you are dual accrediting with GIM you will also need to meet the requirements in the GIM curriculum).
Trainees in Specialty Training (ST3+) will usually have 1 ARCP per year. Where a trainee has received an unsatisfactory outcome or where concerns arise, the ARCP process may be more frequent and in some circumstances interim reviews may be arranged
CMT trainees will have 2 Interim ARCP checks throughout the 2 year training programme; Month 8 will be locally organised and administered by your RCP Tutors, Month 16 will be organised and administered by HEE. In addition there will be 2  formal ARCP checks; Month 12 and Month 23. 
All trainees must ensure that their ePortfolio record is up to date prior to the scheduled ARCPs.  Trainees are expected to complete their ePortfolio throughout the year and not leave everything to the last two weeks before the ARCP.

Annual Requirements for ARCP
All PGSoM trainees are required, in addition to JRCPTB specifications, to complete on an annual basis:

  • TAB version of multi-source feedback. The guidance for completion of TAB can be downloaded here

  • Completion of JEST, a brief survey evaluation of the post in which trainees have been working

All GIM dual accrediting trainees are required to complete annually an assessment of on-take performance form (link to it). This must be uploaded to the personal library section of ePortfolio before each ARCP.

In addition to these generic requirements there will be specialty specific requirements which can be viewed at the appropriate Specialty web pages.

Please click here for the OT Performance Review