General Information

FY2 Swaps Pilot

West Midlands Deanery recognises that in the course of a two-year Foundation programme, a junior doctor’s career aspirations and plans may change. For this reason, we are piloting an FY2 programme swaps process for August 2020.

Current non-Academic Foundation Year 1 doctors will be given the opportunity to apply for a Foundation Year 2 rotation swap within their current trust or to a different Trust within the same Foundation school (please note that applications to change Foundation Schools will not be considered under this process).

The window to apply will be open from 6th January to 17th January 2020. Allocations will be made the week commencing 20th January 2020.

To apply, please complete one of the following applications relevant to your region;

Swaps Application Form - Foundation North

Swaps Application Form - Foundation Central

Swaps Application Form - Foundation South

Only applications arriving before midnight on Friday 17th January 2020 will be considered.


Please read the Swaps Policy 2019 for more information.

If you have any queries regarding the swaps pilot, please email 

Matching to Foundation Programmes

Once you have been matched to a Unit of Application (UoA) via the national recruitment process which happens automatically via Oriel (the online application system), you will receive an email informing you of the outcome. You will then be asked to preference all programmes within the UoA and allocations to rotations will subsequently be made in a cascading order.  See F1 Recruitment page for more information.

Induction and Pre-employment Shadowing

All F1 doctors are required to complete an online generic e-Induction programme prior to commencing their actual F1 rotation. For 2018 recruitment, all trainees are required to attend pre-employment shadowing from Wednesday 25 July 2018, which will include time for induction at the Trust in addition to time scheduled to shadow the F1 job allocated.

Study Leave

This is only permitted during the F2 year and is not available during F1. Special arrangements can be made for F1 doctors who wish to arrange career “taster” sessions during the last eight months of their F1 year. Leave is available for F1 trainees to attend ALS training and also (Level 3) Simulation Training if they did not undertake this as part of their undergraduate programme. Simulation Training and Taster weeks are offered to all F2 trainees. Study Leave is administered in accordance with the HEE WM Foundation Study Leave Policy.

Annual Leave

F1 doctors are entitled to 27 days annual leave in the year. The 27 days' entitlement does not include the 8 statutory holidays. If a Foundation doctor works any part of a Bank Holiday they are entitled to an additional day's leave in lieu. In some specialties there is some restriction on when a Foundation doctor can take their leave during a 4 month rotation (e.g. not on their ‘hot week’ for surgery). The individual directorates will inform the Foundation doctor of any specific restrictions on when they can take leave. The Foundation doctor is required to book their leave at least 6 weeks in advance via the relevant HR Manager.

FY2 Outside the UK

HEE WM does not support or accredit doctors who wish to undertake their F2 year outside the UK.

Time Out of Foundation Programme (TOFP)

Foundation doctors contemplating requesting TOFP should check the relevant guidance in the Resource Bank section of the UKFPO website.

Inter Foundation School Transfer (IFST)

Foundation doctors contemplating requesting an IFST should check the relevant “Guidance for Applicants” in the Key Documents section of the UKFPO website. Applications must be approved and signed by the Foundation School Director.

Page Updated: 16 January 2020