How to get a LTFT Training Post

General Practice Specialty Trainees must have obtained a post in open competition and SpRs/STs have obtained a training number. This is an outline of how to proceed with LTFT training.

  • Stage 1 Eligibility Assessment form sent to LTFT Training Team via – details on application form available to download from the LTFT Downloads page. Some trainees may need an interview with Dr Goodyear.
  • Trainee meets with Programme Director/Clinical Tutor who will liaise with Consultants and HR staff in relevant Trust

  • Eligibility letter to Training Programme Director/Clinical Tutor and LTFT Training Specialty Advisor

  • Trainee contacts LTFT Training Specialty Advisor

  • Specific LTFT training programme set up. Programme needs to be sent to the Royal College for approval

  • LTFT Training Stage 2 Proposed Placement Approval Forms to be completed

    These clarify whether

    1. LTFT trainee is in full-time slot
    2. Slot sharing
    3. Supernumerary trainee

    Funding arrangements will vary according to category

    Download the LTFT Training Stage 2 Proposed Placement Approval Forms here

  • Trainee to let Dr Goodyear know

    1. Each time he/she changes Trust
    2. New LTFT Training Stage 2 Proposed Placement Approval Forms to be completed at each rotation, irrespective of whether the post is in the same Trust.
    3. Trust has confirmation of LTFT training letter and funding arrangement prior to the trainee starting work.