About Us

"Public Health is the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organised efforts of society" 
 (Sir Donald Acheson 1988)


Public health practitioners work in collaboration with a wide variety of partners to improve the health of the population, rather than focussing on individuals only.


Postgraduate of Public Health School Board

Head of School

Dr Rob Cooper

Deputy Head of School 

Dr John Linnane

Academic Lead -Warwick University

Professor John Powell

Academic Lead – Birmingham University  Professor Jayne Parry
Birmingham and Solihull Representative  Dr Wayne Harrsion
Herefordshire and Worcestershire Representative  Mrs Liz Altay
Black County Representative  Dr Paulette Myers
Coventry and Warwickshire Representative  Dr Peter Barker
Shropshire and Staffordshire Representative  Dr Musarrat Afza
Heath Protection Agency Representative (General Training)  Dr Naveed Syed
Training Quality Assurance Lead Dr Harsh Duggal
Dental Public Health Representative  Mrs Karen Elley
MPH Course Representative  Dr Annette Wood
Deputy Regional Faculty Advisor (Training)  Dr John Linnane
Flexible Training (LTFT) Representative  Mrs Liz Altay
Deputy Regional Faculty Advisor (Specialists)  Mrs Rowena Clayton
Chief Executive and Lay Representative  Dr Doug Wolfe
Trainee Representatives :-

Dr Soo Fon Lim

 Ex-officio :-

Regional Director of Public Health Dr Rashmi Shukla
West Midlands Postgraduate Dean Dr Liz Hughes
Regional Faculty Advisor  Dr Harsh Duggal

Senior Project Manager, Education Development Quality Team - Jane Diggle

 Please send all email all queries to publichealthtraining@westmidlands.nhs.uk

 Page updated: 05.02.2013