The Rheumatology West Midlands Training Programme

Dual accreditation training in Rheumatology and GIM lasts 5 years while Rheumatology alone lasts 4 years. All trainees do a year of GIM initially. 3 years in 'dual’ posts and 2 years in 'pure' rheumatology posts is the norm form for dual trainees. Trainees are rotated through regional hospitals to gain experience of common rheumatological disorders and University hospitals for experience of managing more complex rheumatological disorders. Many trainees take time out of programme to undertake a higher research degree (e.g. M.D. /PhD) or teaching fellowships.

Please follow link to West Midlands Rheumatology Specialty Training Guide (last update November 2017):

Dual (GIM and Rheum) posts:
University Hospital Coventry
Russells Hall Hospital, Dudley
Cannock Hospital
Hereford Hospital
Shrewsbury Hospital

Pure Rheumatology Posts:
New Cross Hospital (Wolverhampton)
University Hospital Birmingham
University Hospital Coventry
City Hospital Birmingham
Russells Hall Hospital, Dudley
Solihull Hospital, Heart of England
Worcester Hospital
Haywood Hospital, Stoke (2 posts)

Rotations are being grouped into North, South East & South West.

The West Midlands with its diverse geography and demographics is a fantastic area to train in rheumatology with exposure to the full spectrum of rheumatological diseases. Our trainees have access to active research units pioneering new therapies and understanding of the pathological basis of disease and leaders in the clinical management of complex diseases.