2015 CMT ARCP dates - 23 February 2015


Month 23/CT2 CMT: Tuesday 16 June 2015 Thursday 18 June 2015 Tuesday 23 June 2015 Thursday 25 June 2015.

Month 12 / CT1 CMT: Tuesday 30 June 2015 Tuesday 7 July 2015 Thursday 9 July 2015 Tuesday 14 July 2015.

Venue: Birmingham City Football Club St Andrews Stadium Birmingham B9 4RL


Postgraduate School of Medicine (PGSoM)

What is the PGSoM?

The West Midlands PGSoM is the body which manages all core and speciality training programmes in this large region. It represents a fusion of the SHA workforce Deanery with the Royal College of Physicians for this purpose, and is led by physicians from the region who have been selected by both bodies.

The school is responsible for all the aspects of modern education programme management including trainee recruitment and selection, identification of placements for training, curriculum delivery, assessment and the monitoring of trainee progress, recommendations for the awards of CCTs, faculty development and quality management.

The specific school functions and management and committee structures are listed (see left hand column). Memberships of the committees and contacts for the key leads are listed (see left hand column). The administrative office for the school is based at the University Hospital Birmingham Postgraduate Centre, and recruitment is managed through the deanery office at the SHA headquarters.

The West Midlands PGSoM was the first to be established in the UK, and has prospered through a strong partnership between RCP and Deanery. The School has been richly supported by the energies of the many physicians in our region with specific educational expertise and enthusiasm, and is well placed to deliver for this region the aspirations of the RCP and the GMC for modern, curriculum based postgraduate education in the medical specialities.

Andrew Whitehouse
Head of PGSoM

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Cardovascular CT Training


Head of PGSoM
CMT Director
RCP Regional Manager
Programme Lead for Medicine Higher (ST3+ only)
Lead Administrator for Medicine Higher (ST3+ only)

Education Quality and Performance Manage