Stoke School of Anaesthesia, West Midlands

Training Programme Directors

Core Training: Chris De Klerk

Higher Training (ST3-7):   John Dyer 

The School is arranged around the geographically central teaching hospital, University Hospital North Midlands  NHS Trust, (UHNM) and the seven district general hospitals. Trainees attend Oswestry’s Orthopaedic Unit for day-time training whilst based at Shrewsbury. Higher training in paediatric anaesthesia is available to senior trainees at Birmingham Children’s Hospital – 2 trainees every 6 months.


Stoke Anaesthesia Website 

The administrative office of the School is based at UHNM., The Higher TPD is based at New Cross and the Core TPD is based at Royal Shrewsbury and Telford. 

We have friendly and enthusiastic College Tutors. There is good exposure to general and some specialities between the Base and District General Hospitals. Good examination teaching and access to other courses. Excellent administrative support and a strong appraisal system is in place.

The RCoA test of initial competency is fully implemented within the School. Some CT1s do not go on the on-call rota for the first 6 months of their training (New Cross & UHNM) despite the initial test of competency due to complexities of the service, in all other hospitals the CT1s are incorporated into the rota after approximately 3 months.

ST3 & 4 spend about one year at UHNM and the other year at one of the other hospitals within the School, giving a good balance of general and subspecialty training. Modular training in the sub specialities is well established and trainees get good clinical experience.

The senior trainees generally spend one year within UHNM in order to obtain their competencies in cardiac, neuro and paediatrics. Higher and advanced training in paediatric anaesthesia is also available at Birmingham Children’s Hospital in six month blocks. The other hospitals provide a good mix of cases and supervision for the various other units of training. The ST6 & 7s are concentrated in Shrewsbury, New Cross and Burton where they are encouraged to develop their clinical and academic interests.

There are regional posts for training in Intensive Care Medicine, co-ordinated by the Deanery. Advanced training in neuroanaesthesia can be organised within the Deanery. There is an Academic Module available at UHNM for senior trainees to engage in formal research.

Although there have been few SpRs training flexibly, those wishing to do so are supported as much as possible by the School and there is a Regional Flexible Training Adviser to offer independent help and advice.

Most trainees organise their own OOPT's, most outside the Deanery or abroad. These are well supported within the School and Deanery, and information is kept in the School office. Placements are organised on request within the other West Midland Schools.

Each department organises its own regular tutorials to include topics less focussed on examination preparation. The School organises formal Exam Practice Days and a week long Intensive Revision Course in turn with the other Schools in the West Midlands Deanery.

Local day release course held during the academic year with regular exam practice days incorporated before each exam sitting. Deanery Intensive Revision Courses are held twice a year.