Becoming a Supervisor

It is mandatory for all Educational Supervisors (ES) and Named Clinical (CS) or Public Health Project Supervisors (PS) to undergo training for their roles. Prospective West Midlands’ supervisors must attend the Recognition of Trainers: Induction for ES and NCS course, to acquire the necessary skills they require to train junior doctors, and gain GMC supervisor recognition for five years. 

Please see below to link to complete our Supervisor registration form: 

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The induction course is currently being completed in two parts: 


Part 1 e-Learning

This provides potential new ES/CS with the theory. It should take approximately eight hours. We appreciate everyone has a different baseline of knowledge and skills, and therefore the advantage of working through the courses online means delegates can spend more time on the areas where their knowledge and skills are limited, and less time on those aspects in which they have the appropriate level.

The e-Learning should take approximately four hours for a Named Clinical or Project Supervisor, and approximately eight hours for an Educational Supervisor. Depending on previous experience and knowledge it could take longer. 

Part 2 Virtual group-learning session

This provides the opportunity to embed the theory into practice, through group discussion with experienced ES/CS course facilitators.

Eligibility and booking process

Directors of Medical Education (DME), Head of Schools (HoS) and potential ES, CS or PS must follow the process outlined below (please expand each step for full details):


STEP 1 – DME/HoS recommendation

DMEs and HoSs must put forward details of those who need to be recognised as an ES/CS/PS, by emailing, including the date by which they need them to be recognised. 

This can include final year West Midlands’ trainees who are due to start a consultant post and will be required to be an ES/CS/PS straight away, whether inside or outside of West Midlands.  


STEP 2 – invitation to book virtual group-learning session

The potential ES/CS/PS will receive an email from inviting them to attend a Microsoft Teams’ group-learning session. 

Delegates will need to allow enough time to complete the e-learning and submit their certificates prior to attending the virtual group-learning session.


STEP 3 – completion of e-Learning modules

The potential ES/CS/PS must register on The Educator Hub at and complete the e-Learning courses under ‘Educator Training Resources (ETR)’ as outlined in the e-Learning modules document: 

1. register at

2. enrol on Educator Training Resource programme by selecting My Account > Enrolment and selecting the programme 

3. access programme in My e-Learning section

4. download certifcate for your CPD

Delegates do not need to undertake all the courses within the e-Learning for Health folder – only those outlined for their role (in the above document) must be completed.

The e-Learning should take approximately four hours for a Named Clinical or Project Supervisor, and approximately eight hours for an Educational Supervisor. Depending on previous experience and knowledge it could take longer. 


STEP 4 – submission of e-Learning course certificates

The potential ES/CS/PS must submit their e-learning course certificates to before attending the virtual group-learning session . The facilitator will use this pre-session learning to tailor the discussions  /group-learning.  


STEP 5 – virtual group-learning session attendance/engagement

The potential ES/CS/PS must attend and actively engage in all the virtual group-learning to be signed off by the facilitator.


STEP 6 – sign-off from virtual group-learning session facilitator

The virtual group-learning session facilitator will confirm to  that each participant has actively engaged in the session (providing there has been active engagement).


STEP 7 – West Midlands’ Supervisor Register and GMC recognition

The West Midlands’ Public Health team will add the supervisor’s details to the West Midlands’ Supervisor Register, where they will remain for the duration of their recognition period.

Details on the register are shared with the GMC.

For further information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions document. 


Equivalent training (outside of West Midlands)

If an equivalent course has been undertaken outside of West Midlands, the prospective ES/CS should forward the course details and an attendance certificate to Upon receipt of this information, the team will seek DME approval for the supervisor’s name to be added to the West Midlands’ Supervisor Register.

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health – HEE West Midlands’ recognises the ‘Effective Educational Supervision’ course run by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health to meet the requirements for Educational Supervisor induction (not clinical supervisor).

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