GP Trainee Study Leave Information

Please be aware that from the 1st January 2019, overnight accommodation and subsistence for trainee residentials will not be reimbursed and should be paid directly by the trainee.

Please be aware that unless you provide ALL of the following information for your study leave application, we will not be able to process your payment.  All study leave claims can only be claimed retrospectively; to view the pre-approved courses please open the study leave form below and you will find a list under the title: Course.

  • A completed study leave application form (please download and save before completing and submitting)
  • Proof of course payment 
  • Proof of attendance or certificate


Study leave guidelines are:

HEE may fund course fees providing the following criteria are satisfied:

  • It is a core RCGP curriculum content
  • The learning need is clearly defined in the trainees PDP in advance of the event
  • Similar learning could not be achieved in the Region/UK


For International study leave requests the guidelines above should be followed along with the further details which can be found here:


International study leave requests must be approved in advance by the Head of School


Approval and Process

Trainees (including academic trainees) should use local processes with the training practice or hospital Trust to apply for study leave days, but study leave funding is paid by the lead employer. Applications for reimbursement of study leave expenses should be claimed via the GP School, using the a claim form here: GP Study leave claim form 

Please make sure all sections of the form are completed as this can cause a delay in processing

Guidance on how to claim can be found in the following document: GP Study Leave - How to claim

Study leave is only available to meet the competencies of the MRCGP curriculum and must have an appropriate PDP objective in the trainee e-Portfolio prior to the study activity and learning log entry afterwards. Online AKT and online CSA courses will be approved, however, trainees are limited to one per year, multiple courses will not be approved. Online subscriptions cannot be claimed.

For GP Trainees in the West Midlands, study leave forms or any study related queries must be received by HEE at the following email address: within one month of the expense.

In the West Midlands, Study Leave funding will be agreed on an individual claim evaluation process.  ACF's are reminded that funding towards a masters/diploma is included in their training costs to the university and enquiries should be made to their academic supervisors on access to such support

Targeted GP Trainees

Targeted GP Trainees claiming for study leave expenses will need to use the Targeted GP Study Leave Claim Form which can be downloaded here.

Trainees should follow the normal process for reimbursement of study leave claims detailed above.


Travel to the AKT and CSA examinations is allowable as a legitimate employer's travel expense for professional leave, this includes overnight accommodation for morning only CSA assessment. Exam fees cannot be reclaimed. Trainees must follow the normal HEE WM study leave process (detailed above). HEE WM will then submit these expenses to Lead Employer for trainee reimbursement.


Exam preparation courses, including AKT and CSA, are claimable from study leave allowance if the course is provided by Health Education England (West Midlands) or RCGP but not other providers.  Private study leave may not be granted for exam preparation as 12 hours educational time is built into the GP registrar working week within the BMA contract.

Travel to a course

Travel to an approved study leave event can be claimed on the study leave form above.  Trainees are reminded not to duplicate travel claims by claiming both from their employer and study leave as this could lead to an investigation by the NHS Fraud Department.