Dental Specialty Training

Dental Specialties

Here at Health Education England, West Midlands, we currently support 8 out of the 13 Dental Specialties recognised by the General Dental Council. Completion of a training programme leads to a Certificate of Completion of Speciality Training (CCST) and entry on to a GDC Specialist List. For more information on the specialties we support, please click on the relevant links below.


Dental Public Health

Oral Medicine

Oral Surgery (details coming soon)


Paediatric Dentistry (details coming soon)

Restorative Dentistry (details coming soon)

Special Care Dentistry

Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology (details coming soon)

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery


Why train to be a Specialist?

Whilst the great majority of dental graduates look forward to a career providing a full range of oral health care to patients in general dental practice, there are a significant number who have a specific interest in an aspect of dentistry which they wish to pursue to a specialist level. For those, the most predictable way of achieving specialist status is to gain entry on to one of the speciality training programmes, which are available in the West Midlands and in many other parts of the UK.

Gaining entry on to a Specialist Training Programme

Those interested in applying for entry on to a specialist training programme need to fulfil both the GDC entry criteria and the national / local essential criteria, all of which will be detailed on the “Person Specification” that is made available at the time of advertisement. The advertisement is always posted on the websites of NHS Jobs and this website. The availability of posts is dependent upon when vacancies arise within specific specialities, and whether the specialty has moved to national recruitment.


Academic Training

Academic Training posts are designed to facilitate the career progression of dentists with a particular interest in research and teaching. When they become available, they are advertised on the NHS Jobs and this website.

Recommended References

GDC Specialist Lists

COPDEND website (specific to Specialty Training)

National Institute for Health Research website (specific to academic posts)