Performers List Validation by Experience (PLVE)

In England, all NHS Primary Care dentists must be included on the National Performers List held by NHS England that is managed by the Area Teams. Our Local Area Teams are Arden, Hereford and Worcester, Birmingham, Solihull & the Black Country and Shropshire & Staffordshire.

To join the Performers List, the dentist must either have completed Foundation Training (formerly Vocational Training), be undertaking Foundation Training or be exempt.

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To be exempt, a dentist must be a non UK/EEA national or hold the appropriate European diploma and General Dental Council (GDC) registration or have practiced in primary care for two years (whole time)within the last four years, in community dental service or the armed forces.

Dentists who are not exempt and do not have a Foundation Training (FT)/ Vocational Training (VT) number or certificate will need to be assessed by the Deanery and complete any programme of training and period of supervised employment determined by the Deanery. At the end of that period the dentist will be required to provide the Programme Director a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate that he or she has successfully completed their Training period.

Depending on your experience and knowledge of NHS practice you may either just need to complete a portfolio, or also undergo a period of supervised training, each applicant is judged on an individual basis.

You are responsible for finding a practice and a dentist who is prepared to act as your trainer and offer you a position within their practice. The Deanery will need to approve both the trainer and practice.

The regulations that cover the national performers list are: The National Health Service (Performers Lists) (England) Regulations 2013. Statutory instrument 2013 No. 335.

If you do not have a FT/VT number or certificate and are considering applying to join the National Performers List you are advised to contact Primary Care Shared Services (Performers) for further information.

DFTQ (PLVE as of 1st Jan 2018)

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Changes to DFTQ Trainer/Trainee Recruitment Process

Postgraduate Dental Education

DFTQ - recruitment process for new trainers

Previously the appointment of a new trainer is on an individual basis and not with the usual Foundation Trainer selection process.  It is important to implement changes to this process in order to ensure there are the same criteria for selection as for Foundation training and in order to enhance the quality of the training provided.

All trainers will be required to undertake the same assessment/ interview process. This will take place twice a year at the same time as Foundation trainer recruitment and follow the same format. i.e. different stations testing a range of skills followed by an interview

This policy was implemented from June 2013.The recruitment cycles will be twice yearly starting in October2013. Details will appear on the website when applications are open.

Online Course Booking Portal

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