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 Harpreet Ahluwalia
Head of the Postgraduate School of Ophthalmology




Mr Ahluwalia is a Consultant Ophthalmologist at the University Hospital Coventry (UHCW) since 2003. He subspecialises in Oculoplastics and Adnexal surgery. He has been Head of School of Ophthalmology HEWM since Aug 2014.

He has over 26 years experience in full time Ophthalmology and received his Higher Surgical Training in Ophthalmology at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff.

He obtained his subspeciality training in Oculoplastic and Adnexal Surgery at the University Hospital of Wales Cardiff, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London and then at the Royal Perth Hospital, Perth Western Australia.

He is the author of over 45 peer reviewed publications in international journals and has given numerous invited lectures at scientific subspecialty meetings. He has about 90 presentations at national and international meetings.

Mr Ahluwalia is strongly committed to delivering high quality medical education and training. He runs a Royal College approved Oculoplastics Trainee Selected Component (TSC) at the University Hospital Coventry. He is committed to establishing a variety of simulation training modules for local trainees.

Mr Ahluwalia is responsible for a medical student partnership for Warwick Medical school. He was College Tutor for UHCW from 2008 until 2014. He was Training programme Director from 2013 to 2014.

He is also an elected member of the Trust’s Local Negotiating Committee (LNC).

Mr Ahluwalia is a fellow of :

  • Royal College of Ophthalmologists London UK.
  • Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh.

Mr Ahluwalia is a member of: 

  • British Oculoplastics Surgery Society (BOPSS)
  • European society of ophthalmic plastics & reconstructive surgery (ESOPRS)
  • American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO)
  • Midland Oculoplastics Surgery Society (MOPSS)
  • Midland Ophthalmological Society (MOS)
  • General Medical Council

Heads Announcements

Heads Headlines - June 2016 - 28 June 2016

I hope you all are enjoying the summer and gearing up for your much awaited holidays.

I wanted to update you all about the following:


College Tutor Appointments

·         Thomas Ressiniotis – College Tutor, HEFT

·         Manoj Parulekar - College Tutor, Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

·         Ajay Tripathi - College Tutor, Dudley.


Elizabeth Hunt Medal 2015

Winner: Liying Lowe

I am really pleased to inform you all that Liying Lowe has been awarded the Elizabeth Hunt medal by the College. The College annually awards the Elizabeth Hunt Medal to the candidate gaining the highest mark in the Refraction Certificate Examination.

This is not only a very proud moment for Liying, but also the school, as her achievement fills all of us with pride and joy. Heartiest congratulations! to one of the most hardworking and modest trainees, who is destined for great things. I wish her all the luck for her future endeavours.The College annually awards the Elizabeth Hunt Medal to the candidate gaining the highest mark in the Refraction Certificate ExaminationThe College annually awards the Elizabeth Hunt Medal to the candidate gaining the highest mark in the Refraction Certificate Examination.

The College annually awards the Elizabeth Hunt Medal to the candidate gaining the highest mark in the Refraction Certificate Examination.The College annually awards the Elizabeth Hunt Medal to the candidate gaining the highest mark in the Refraction Certificate Examination.The College annually awards the Elizabeth Hunt Medal to the candidate gaining the highest mark in the Refraction Certificate Examination.

Robinson’s Outstanding Trainee Award

Heartiest congratulations! to all the nominees for being appreciated by their trainers. Well done all, with a special mention for Ian for being the clear winner for his all round contribution to training with Ruchika being a close second for her contribution over and above the call of duty and Priscilla figuring for the second year running on this list.

Winner: Ian DeSilva

Runner up: Ruchika Batra

Second Runner up: Priscilla Matthewson

Other Nominees

George Moussa

Aditi Gupta

Sarah Dawson

It makes me particularly proud as our trainees set a very high standard in general and to those who even excel over and above that is a really good sign for the future.




Phillip I Murray Outstanding Trainer Award

Heartiest congratulations! to all the nominees for this award, as it is one of the greatest joys to be appreciated by your trainees. The trainees and the school board are most grateful to all of you for maintaining such high standards and your contribution to their training.

The eventual winner Professor Yit Yang was the trainee’s overwhelming choice in recognition of his untiring efforts in creating a high quality Postgraduate Training Programme over the last couple of years. Professor Yang is also an exceptional trainer who leads by example and commands the absolute respect of all trainees and trainers in the region. We could not think of a more deserving and worthy winner.

Winner : Prof Yit Yang

Mr Jalil Al-Ibrahim

Mr Ankur Barua

Mrs Rina Bhatt,

Miss Erika Damato,

Mr Soupramanien Sandramouli,

Mr Marie Tsaloumas,

Mr Simon Madge

Mr Arijit Mitra


TSC Interviews

The TSC interviews are scheduled to take place on wed pm 5th October 2016. Applications will be out in July 2016.


Best Wishes


Harpreet Ahluwalia



Important Requirement - 11 March 2015

Dear All

I just wanted to keep you all abreast with a very important requirement for CCT that was proposed by the college QA subcommittee and agreed by Training Committee last week.

I thought I should give all our trainees the heads up about the rules around your cataract audit (which is a requirement for final ARCP & CCT).

All trainees would be expected to provide a cataract audit within 3 calendar years of their CCT date (not ST4 and aove as previously stated). This is irrespective of whether they are LTFT, been on OOPL, maternity or sick leave etc.

This rule will be applied to all trainees coming up for CCT after Aug 2015 (so should not affect trainees whose final ARCP is coming up in Mar & CCT in Aug 2015).

This is hot off the press so might take sometime before it comes up on the college website.

Kindest Regards

Harpreet Ahluwalia
Head of School of Ophthalmology
Health Education West Midlands
Tel: 02476966506


Trainee Reflection - 11 March 2015

Dear all

Please find attached herewith a Trainee Reflection of Post form that needs to be completed at the end of each post and sent to Sandra.

We would like you to be very honest in filling this, as we are genuinely striving to make sure you get the best possible experience in every post. This will allow us to build on our strengths and address our weaknesses.

This information will be reviewed by me and Mr Aralikatti in total confidence and you have our complete assurance that your feedback will be kept anonymous and have no ramifications on your training even if it isn't positive.

Every trainee is expected to submit their form to Sandra by the end of your current post.

Kindest Regards

Harpreet Ahluwalia

CSR and ESR - 11 March 2015

Dear All

I am writing to you all, as I wanted to make sure that the importance of the upcoming structured reports is clear to all trainees and trainers.

May I request that all final supervisor meetings and CSR's and ESR's are completed in the last 2 weeks of the post and not earlier. This is important so that we get a pen picture of the whole 6 months not 5 months or so.

For trainees I would recommend you kindly complete your MSF in this post. The college has confirmed in response to a recent query that it is an expectation that you choose 15 responders to your MSF and though 11 is a bare minimum, you are encouraged to try and pursue all your responders in order to get the full set of responders to contribute to your MSF. This improves the relevance and power of your MSF.

For all my Trainer colleagues may I request your cooperation with the CSR and ESR completion.

It is an expectation from the college, HEWM and GMC that all structured reports are in reasonable detail. Hence may I suggest that all comment boxes on the CSR are completed as it helps to substantiate your evaluation of the trainee.

This year we will be formally completing feedback forms for each of the structured reports as it is a requirement for appraisal of all trainers in an educational role. We did complete these forms last year, but when I reviewed them felt the quality at our end was variable. This year I have assigned one trainer per team to complete the supervisor feedback forms in order to provide our colleagues with constructive feedback.

Lastly we are in the process of revamping the 'Appraisal of post' form in order to get good feedback on each ophthalmology placement within the region. This will be necessary for each 6 month period and trainees will need to send it to Sandra with their honest feedback.

Apologies for the rather long list of requests, but I am trying to give all concerned the heads up with plenty of notice.

Kindest Regards



Dates - 11 March 2015


20th March 2015

12th / 13th May 2015

11th December 2015

Board Meetings

20th March 2015

10th June 2015

16th September 2015

11th December 2015

LTFT Lead - Anju Kadyan

QA Lead - Bushra Mushtaq

Deputy Lead - Atul Bansal