Induction Programmes

The Induction Programme which should be discussed early in training include: 
a. The Public Health Function
Duties and location of each member of the team, arrangements for meetings - formal and informal. 
b. The Organisation
Management structure, names and locations of senior officers, structure and operational relationships within the PCT, types of business considered by the PCT, its sub-committees and related bodies, outline of main policies, summary of major projects and developments in hand. 
c. Administrative arrangements
Responsibilities of general managers, administrative staff and other professional colleagues; procedures for handling enquiries, arranging meetings, and office working practices. 
d. Services provided by the PCT and Trusts, locations and key personnel
Local provision of primary care, hospital services, clinic services, health education, screening programmes, immunisation and rehabilitation service. 
e. Professional advisory structure
Organisation of professional advisory groups and relationships with each other, with General Managers and the PCT. 
f. Finance
Personnel connected with finance, current budget and budgeting arrangements; procedures for allocating resources. 
g. Associated organisations
Location, personnel and liaison arrangements of various organisations, Community Health Council, Social Services Department, Education Department, Environmental Services Department, Housing Department, Universities and Colleges, voluntary organisations and the Health and Safety Executive. 
h. Arrangements for postgraduate education
Public Health meetings, clinical meetings, journal clubs, libraries and study leave procedures.

Trainees will follow the new Faculty Curriculum ( and their assessments formally documented through the ARCP process. Normally training is for the MPH period plus 4 years and exceptionally can be completed in 4 years.