Flexible Training

The training scheme is committed to facilitating flexible training for people who have well founded individual reasons for doing so as determined by the Deanery Flexible Training Associate Postgraduate Dean.

Should you require further details about the West Midlands Training scheme contact:-

Programme Director :

Dr Paulette Myers
NHS Walsall

  Tel: 01922 619910
  Email: MyersP@walsall.gov.uk


Deputy Faculty Adviser (Training):

Dr John Linnane
  Tel: 01926 493491 ext. 255
Regional LTFT Training Advisor:

Dr Paulette Myers
NHS Walsall

  Tel: 01922 619910

LTFT Lead Trainee:

Dr Julie Northcott
  E-mail: jnorthcott@worcestershire.gov.uk

It is not necessary to make any pre-visits and these are not considered favourably or unfavourably by the appointment panel to the scheme. 

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Page Updated: 09 January 2013