Post Part B Courses

After passing the Part B OSPHE Examination, trainees are invited to join the regional ‘Post Part-B Learning Set’.

The group meets once a month to focus on issues relevant to senior trainees approaching the end of their training and the start of their consultant specialist career. The group is run by the trainees with support from the Regional Training Scheme and the Public Health, Epidemiology and Biostatistics Unit in Birmingham

The sessions are held on the first Thursday of the month – excluding January and August (and probably either July or September as discussed by the group)

There is an expectation that these sessions will take priority over other work and so the dates should be put in your diaries well in advance.

Each session is run by two trainees who are responsible for the entire content and arranging anything that is needed by speakers on the day.  The format of the session will be determined by the co-ordinators.

Usually held in room G14 of the Occupational Health Building, Birmingham University.  This is the building next door to the PH building, and it should be accessed via the public health building.  The trainee co-ordinators may change the room, and will let you know if so.

Times: 10 am to 4 pm (no lunch or coffee provided but co-ordinators may choose to bring snacks or drinks)

Certificates of attendance will be provided and a register taken. There is usually some time in each session to informally discuss future sessions.

Objective of the sessions

These sessions are aimed at preparing trainees for taking up a Consultant position rather than covering individual public health themes.

Topics that are covered include:

  • Filling in an application for a consultant post - what works, what not to say, how to dress
  • The consultant interview - what to do/what not to do – including a ‘mock, consultant interview
  • Inviting ‘new’ consultants (i.e. recent ‘old’ trainees) to come along and talk about their experiences in the year of their senior appointment
  • Media training
  • Finance – what do we need to know? How do we appraise a business case?
  • HR issues - doing appraisals, how to deal with disciplinary stuff, the legal side, appointing people
  • Management - how to manage people, delegate, motivate, and so forth
  • Law and ethics