Part B Resources

Part B of the MFPH is largely a test of practical public health skills and assesses trainees performance in simulated typical public health scenarios. 

Provisional examination dates for the OSPHE in 2013 and 2014 are below.

Examination Date  Closing Date  Venue  Places Available   Fee
8 October 2013 23 August 2013 GMC, Manchester No places available £755
13 December 2013 18 October 2013 GMC, Manchester Places available £755
13 February 2014 19 December 2013 GMC, Manchester Places available £775
25 April 2014 28 February 2014 GMC, Manchester
Places available £775
27 June 2014 2 May 2014 GMC, Manchester Places available £775
17 October 2014 22 August 2014 GMC, Manchester Places available £775
28 November 2014 3 October 2014 GMC, Manchester Places available £775

Trainees preparing for Part B (OSPHE) MFPH examination do not have regular, timetabled teaching.  However, examiners, trainers and post-Part B trainees across the region regularly run practice sessions on the request of trainees.

Prospective candidates are advised to contact current post-Part B trainees for advice regarding suitable practice tutors.  Recent successful candidates are responsible for organising timed mock examinations as required.

Faculty OSPHE page link 


  • Trainees are advised to apply for Part B immediately following Part A success as examination slots fill soon after results are released

  • Practice sessions are usually arranged by all those planning on sitting the exam round.  Put up a post on the yahoo group as soon as you know when you are taking the exam so you can meet up with other trainees in the same position and plan some practice sessions together.

  • Trainees have arranged mock part B exams for the last few sittings. Trainees who have already passed the part B will be happy to help out on the day with role play etc. 

  • A selection of past papers is available on the Faculty website, and there are additional practice scenarios available from recent ‘graduates’.