Director's Directions

Mrs Nirodhini Narendran

Training Program Director 

Director's Directions:

Dear Trainees,


I hope you enjoy your time on the rotation in the West Midlands. My role is to support your training as best I can within the opportunities afforded by the rotation.


This will take the form of overseeing your progress at ARCP, taking heed of feedback from Clinical and Educational Supervisors and yourselves and trying to facilitate changes to enhance and improve your training experience.


Every year I will ask you for preferences for posts for the forthcoming year, and these will be issued according to availability, suitability and seniority.  I hope you understand that it may not be possible to give everyone their preferred choices (particularly if the same post is requested by more than one trainee).


My other role is to organise and run the TSC interviews yearly which you will encounter in your final year/s of training.


Please feel free to contact me for further information or career advice.




Mrs Niro Narendran

Wolverhampton and Midland Counties Eye Infirmary 

New Cross Hospital 

Wolverhampton WV10 0QP


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