What does Respiratory Medicine have to offer?

All Respiratory Physicians work closely with the  unselected acute medical take ,  at least a quarter of which is respiratory emergencies .

This specialty involves team working with a wide number of other specialties such as, Intensive Care units, Thoracic surgeons, Oncologists, Radiologists, Microbiologists, Pathologists, Palliative care teams, Specialist nurses in different respiratory sub- specialties, such as TB, Lung cancer, COPD outreach teams.

All Respiratory Physicians are trained in endoscopic and practical skills like Bronchoscopy, Pleural procedures. There are increasing opportunities to sub specialise in interventional pulmonology due to the exciting developments that are happening in this field e.g. EBUS – TBNA ( Endobronchial ultrasound guided transbronchial needle aspiration ) , Medical Thoracoscopy, Indwelling pleural catheter insertions .

All Respiratory Physicians must understand respiratory physiology and be able to interpret lung function tests.

The speciality involves working in outpatients and there is increasing opportunities to be able to lead and develop community services for chronic lung disease by  consultant respiratory physicians, as a special interest. This could be an opportunity for those too , who are looking for a career in the community in the future NHS.

Respiratory Medicine , as a specialty offers the opportunity to sub specialise in a number of areas ; Lung cancer being one of the examples.

There is significant opportunities for research and teaching in Respiratory Medicine .