The respiratory medicine training programme in West Midlands is known for encouraging its trainees  to undertake OOP ( Out of Programme – Research , Training, Experience ) . There are very good opportunites  for reseach, with 3 University Hospital trusts in the region  . Some may choose to go to other parts of the country or abroad for this and this is supported if we can ensure that the quality of experience is going to be good.

There is plenty of opportunities for formal and informal teaching , due to the the presence of 3 medical schools in the region with a larger number of hospitals acting as placement providers for medical students from these schools.

Registrars are undertaking clinical research in almost all the hospitals and there is active encouragement to attend and present their research at regional, national and international conferences , such as the MTS ( Midlands Thoracic Society ) ,  BTS ( British Thoracic Society ), ERS ( European Respiratory Society ), ATS ( American Thoracic Society ) . There are fellowships for prize winners at the abstract competition in the MTS.