Training Days

How will Training Days be Organised?
All day regional training days are held monthly and rotate through aspects of the Geriatric Medicine curriculum.  

The yearly programme includes 11 days which rotate around the hospitals in the West Midlands Deanery: these are organised locally by the geriatrics trainees at the allocated hospital and are free to attend. There are two regional British Geriatrics Society (BGS) meetings, held in the Spring and Autumn which count towards your training day attendance: there is currently no attendance fee. 

Attendance at the national BGS conferences held biannually and the annual BGS Trainees’ weekend are also encouraged: the fees for these conferences can be claimed from your study leave budget (currently £600 per academic year). It is expected that you attend 70% of the training days each year. 

The regional and national meetings provide an opportunity to meet fellow Geriatricians and colleagues from other specialities.  Trainees are also expected to attend the G(I)M training days.