The West Midlands Training Programme

A Description of the Programme
The training programme is 5 years and it is usual to obtain dual accreditation with General (Internal) Medicine.  

Potential affiliated specialities include stroke and acute medicine. Currently there are ~60 trainees within Geriatric Medicine in the West Midlands Deanery. 

The majority of hospitals within the West Midlands provide Geriatric Medicine training posts and trainees will rotate to a different hospital within the West Midlands area every September. Posts are allocated by the STC. Trainees of ST4 level and above are asked to rank all the hospitals within the area in order of preference. Preferences will be accommodated as much as possible, depending on seniority, training needs and personal circumstances. ST3 posts are allocated by the STC.

Most units will offer some exposure to the sub-specialties within geriatric medicine: intermediate care and community geriatrics, rehabilitation, falls and syncope, orthogeriatrics, movement disorders, dementia and psychogeriatric services, surgical liaison, research, palliative care, stroke medicine, continence care and acute (interface) geriatrics.

All trainees are expected to:

  • Meet the requisite curriculum competencies as per the ARCP decision aid
  • Do 3 audits and complete at least 1 full audit cycle during the training programme
  • Complete two multi-source feedback assessments
  • Complete one patient survey
  • Maintain a valid ALS certification
  • Obtain SCE in Geriatric Medicine by the end of ST7
  • Attend 70% of the regional geriatric medicine training days
  • Complete research methodology, teaching and management courses
  • Provide evidence of teaching others
  • Preferably one research presentation and one publication by the end of ST7