Specialty Attractions

A Career in Geriatric Medicine
Geriatric Medicine is rapidly evolving into both a hospital-based specialty and a specialty concerned with community care. 

Consultants of the future are increasingly likely to have commitments in both primary and secondary care settings, ranging from the acute “front door” geriatrician based in the AMU, to the community geriatrician providing clinical support to maintaining frail elderly people in a community environment. 

This will provide excellent opportunities for continuing rehabilitative care and for ensuring close liaison between all health professionals across various health care boundaries. 

Future Opportunities
The increasing emphasis on undergraduate teaching in Geriatric Medicine is highlighting the specialty as an expanding and worthwhile career opportunity with tremendous opportunities to carry out sub-specialty care, for example in stroke, falls, incontinence, Parkinson's Disease and in intermediate care. 

Research in Geriatric Medicine
With more than 20 academic departments of Geriatric Medicine in the UK, research is active in exploring the roles of ageing and the aetiology and prevention of age related disorders. 

The specialty needs more Junior Doctors to take an active interest in research and opportunities are available to facilitate this research during higher speciality training in most centres.