Welcome to the West Midlands Deanery, a large deanery with 1210 SAS doctors across 32 Trusts in the region.

SAS Doctors are a very diverse group with regard to their level of knowledge, training, performance and need.  Whilst their roles are seen as providing a high service component, the need for professional development and the lack of a structure for educational process is hampering appropriate training and individual development. 

Our mission in the West Midlands Deanery is to promote a strategic and professional approach to ensure all postgraduate education results in better patient care and service.  We have a clear strategic vision for the development of SAS Doctors identifying their training, educational and development needs and ensuring that each hospital has a nominated individual as a Trust Clinical Lead for SAS Doctors and establish links with the Deanery.

To do this, we aim to offer exciting educational programme activity to cover a broad range of essential non-clinical skills.  Furthermore, we support local educational programme in every trust through very active enthusiastic SAS Tutors and SAS leads. 

SAS Fund:

•      SAS Funds usage will be a combination of deanery-based and trust-based activities.

•      SAS Funds will be released to each Trust as two instalments of 50% of the total annual allocated funds.

•      It is the responsibility of each Trust or PCT to give an account of their use of SAS Funds every 6 months to receive the next instalment of funding.

•      Funds are devolved from the Deanery to each Trust on a per capita basis (based on registration data of SAS doctors).

WM Deanery Values SAS Doctors:

We view each SAS doctor is a practitioner, partner and leader in their workplace. Therefore, the educational programme aimed to develop the SAS Doctors as:

•      Leaders

•      Educational Supervisors

•      Appraisers

•      Team Players

•      Deanery Representatives and Members

Associate Dean for SAS Doctors Mr Mamdouh Morgan

Please send all email all queries to SASDoctors.wm@hee.nhs.uk